Pacifica Montessori School



The basic age for enrollment is three years, but a limited number of children aged two and one half are admitted if they meet the standards of admission.

We do not deny admission to a child or family because of race, religion, national origin, or political belief.

If a child is not ready to attend Pacifica Montessori School, as determined by the staff and director of the school, or their parent would like to delay enrollment to another time in the year, Pacifica Montessori School will hold the application and fill that space with another child, unless the parent chooses to retain that space by paying full tuition until the child is ready.

Most spaces for admission occur at the beginning of the summer session and at the beginning of the fall session. Priority for enrollment is given to children who are ready to start immediately.

You may make your tuition payments in 3 different ways: annually with a discount, semi-annually with a discount, or on the first of each month. These tuition options cover the period from September through June.

During the summer you are charged for the weeks that you commit to on your summer enrollment form. You reserve and pay in advance for the weeks you will use during the summer.