Pacifica Montessori School


Montessori Preschool/Kindergarten


The Montessori method identifies “sensitive periods” which are specific stages in a child’s development when he or she is extremely attuned to specific kinds of information. The Montessori teacher watches for these sensitive periods and then encourages this natural appetite for knowledge by offering age-appropriate materials to explore at the child’s peak of interest.

There are four main subject areas in our preschool/kindergarten classrooms:
Language, the path to communication and reading
Math, by which children compute and think mathematically
Sensorial Work, in which the child is shown the powers of his senses
Practical Life, which teaches the child to be independent and confident in his culture.

Each classroom also has Science, Geography, Botany, Music, and Art areas. The beautiful Montessori teaching equipment allows children to explore each subject at their own speed and style.